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Ashley's Events

We are all about Events

At Ashley's Events we believe in giving back to our community and supporting those organizations that are as passionate about their mission as we are about ours. From ticketing and events production to just giving a helping hand, we're always looking to help our community grow.

By Choosing Ashley's Events services not only are you guarantee a top notch service but your money also help support Orphans children. Part of the income at Ashley's Events goes directly to Valley of Tumaini Children's home located in Njoro. The home was founded by Moses and Julia in 2005.Valley of Tumaini Children has 28 orphans.

You are also welcome to join us in developing our community by:

  • Donate School fees for 1 up to  10  pre- school kids
  • Donate new/used clothes, shoes, toys, books, bedding,utensils,electronics etc
  • Sponsor a child 
  • Help in purchasing a land for self sustained projects
  • Monthly staff visits during CSR activities 
  • Foster a child. 

To support with either of the above please contact 

Valley of Tumaini Children is an accredited charity on accountability and transparency at